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From Damian Barta, Spring Green

Below is a link to a video press conference given by the Democratic members of the Finance and Budget
Committee where the legislators reported on what issues Wisconsin residents have been raising in
the public budget hearings. There is also some estimation on what will take place once the hearings end
and the actual committee work on the budget begins. Of course the Republicans have generally said they will
throw out Evers recommendations and start from scratch.

I also think that an important dynamic is how the budget is treated in regards to the federal funds heading
to Wisconsin. A reporter raised this question and one of the legislators addresses this issue at the end of
the press conference. Generally, the Dems say we need to have a Wisconsin budget that stands separately
from the federal funds in order to have long range stability. The Republicans generally argue that the federal
funds get used up before state funds get allocated. I may not have expressed that accurately. Budget
financing is somewhat above my pay scale.

Here's the link: