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Gov. Evers Vetoes Republican Efforts to Curtail Voting
Governor vetoes GOP bills that reflect national effort to damage democracy

Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair updated August 6

A lot of voters who skipped 2016 turned out in 2020 in Wisconsin. The data suggest that boosted Trump.

The Story of MAGA Madness

This video entitled "The Story of MAGA Madness" was produced by the talented Fred Abrams, a friend from Los Angeles whom I've known since junior high school. This is the first of an 8 part series--a brilliant collage of publicly available video footage assembled into a compelling narrative. Please share it with your friends. Ron Berger, contributor

Scot Ross Resigns from Wisc. Ethics Commission

Democratic Candidate Announces Run for 17th.

Video press conference given by the Democratic members of the Finance and BudgetCommittee

Gov. Evers Announces Renegotiated Foxconn Contract to Save Taxpayers $2.77 Billion

Newly elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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